• 14 Jun

    The Sister Hotels Proudly Support the Laurette Fugain Association

    The Laurette Fugain Association was created in 2002, in response to the lack of information concerning organ, blood and bone marrow donations. Such donations, known as "life donations" in French, can save the lives of many people suffering from blood diseases and other maladies. Stephanie Fugain, after having witnessed her daughter succumb to a battle with leukemia, began the Laurette Fugain Association in the hopes of spreading the word about these life-saving donations.

    The association has three principal missions: to support medical research of leukemia and other blood diseases, to spread knowledge of blood, bone marrow and organ donations among the public at large, and to provide more physical and psychological comfort for patients and families affected by these diseases.

    The Laurette Fugain Association is now a major financial supporter of medical research, with €4.2 million having been given since its inception 12 years ago. The organization also encourages talented young researchers by awarding the Prix Laurette Fugain, an honor that is given to young clinical or fundamental researchers in hematology. Another prize, the Prix Isabelle, is awarded to hospital care staff that go above and beyond the call of duty.

    The association's achievements earned it the label of "Grande Cause Nationale" in 2009, thanks to an increase in blood and bone marrow donations that has been attributed to its work. These accomplishments would not be possible without the support of those who contribute to the association. That is why the Sister Hotels Champs Elysées actively support the Laurette Fugain Association. As such, the hotel group demonstrates its commitment to being a socially responsible organization in the city of Paris.