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Foodography by Martin PARR

Beaugrenelle Paris has always tried to place itself above the more typical shopping malls and create a more cultural experience. This is a place to shop, dine and enjoy some great aesthetics. The new Foodographie exhibition within the centre brings these elements even closer together. As shoppers ride the escalators and walk the floors between stores and cafes, they are greeted with large, bold photographic images of food.  These bold prints are the work of British photographer Martin Parr. The … ...

Picasso: Blue and Rose


Picasso was one of those artists that could shift and adapt to different styles like an artistic chameleon. His catalogue of works covers a range of different periods and approaches. They are so diverse and at odds from each other that those less familiar with his work might be surprised at what they see. For example, his more naive work is far more playful than the harsh Cubist pieces.  One era that might also catch people is the Blue and Rose era. If you were to take someone with minimal know… ...

Paris Salon de la Photo 2018

Paris Salon de la Photo

The summer season in Paris is full of great shows and artistic experiences. Parisian art lovers are treated to interesting showcases in top galleries, concerts in plazas and films in parks. Winter is when things start to unwind a little, but that doesn’t stop people from getting creative. There are lots of photographers that want to capture this season in the best way possible. That is where the Salon de la Photo show in Paris comes to the rescue.  This exposition runs for 5 days between Novemb… ...

Magical Unicorns at Musee de Cluny Paris

Magical Unicorns

The Lady and the Unicorn is one of the most famous tapestries to come out of France. This extraordinary piece of work actually comprises or 6 pieces that tell a beautiful story. Artists from all disciplines have been inspired by this piece in some way – from Le Corbusier to Cocteau. The unicorn is one of the stars of this piece of work and with good reason. It shows that even though modern representations of the creatures' form have changed, the symbolism stays true to ideals of an innocent, pur… ...

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