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The Open Air Cinema Festival in Parc de la Villette Paris

La Villette Paris, Open Air Festival

The Open Air Cinema Festival in Parc de la Villette is always a wonderful chance for friends and family to enjoy some free films in the park. The films screened are as eclectic as ever, with movies from different genres and countries. There are French classics, Hollywood Blockbusters, Disney favourites and other oddities thrown into the mix. It all has an underlying musical theme. You can come and sing along to the Bare Necessities, watch the heartbreaking story of Joy Division or geek out with … ...

Magical Unicorns at Musee de Cluny Paris

Magical Unicorns

The Lady and the Unicorn is one of the most famous tapestries to come out of France. This extraordinary piece of work actually comprises or 6 pieces that tell a beautiful story. Artists from all disciplines have been inspired by this piece in some way – from Le Corbusier to Cocteau. The unicorn is one of the stars of this piece of work and with good reason. It shows that even though modern representations of the creatures' form have changed, the symbolism stays true to ideals of an innocent, pur… ...

Picasso: Blue and Rose


Picasso was one of those artists that could shift and adapt to different styles like an artistic chameleon. His catalogue of works covers a range of different periods and approaches. They are so diverse and at odds from each other that those less familiar with his work might be surprised at what they see. For example, his more naive work is far more playful than the harsh Cubist pieces.  One era that might also catch people is the Blue and Rose era. If you were to take someone with minimal know… ...

Disneyland's Halloween Cavalcade


There is no better time for a little fancy dress fun than Halloween. We all get to dress up as spooky characters and reenact our favourite scary stories. Some of the most chilling stories ever told aren’t always those from horror films and ghost tales. There are some pretty scary characters in Disney films too. It is one thing to pay homage to them with a great costume, but it is another altogether to do so while watching these characters on parade.  That is exactly what Disneyland visitors ca… ...

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