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Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient

Yves Saint Laurent

The Musee Yves Saint Laurent in Paris never fails to bring new light on the mind of the designer that led this influential fashion house. The curators here continue to root through their collections and make contact with other institutions to create thought-provoking shows. Their current offering - Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient – follows this trend nicely. This show celebrates the designs that focused on Eastern influences. Yves Saint Laurent spent a long time creating pieces that w… ...

Alexandra Fadin x Sisterhotels

Alexandra Fadin

Three exhibitions in three Parisian exceptional places, next to the Champs Elysées and the Arc of Triumph, from October 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019. Carte Blanche for Alexandra Fadin who invites to a multidimensional journey into her multidisciplinary universe of a Parisian artist through poetic atmospheres connecting the visitors to a state of dream and wellbeing. Each scenography is a site specific creation which interacts in harmony with each hotel’s spaces and identity, in an open-minded and… ...

Egon Schiele : A Must-see Exhibition at FLV Paris

Egon Schiele

When it comes to the masters of expressionism in the early 20th century, there are a few names that would immediately come to mind. The same is true when we consider the leading artists of Vienna from the period. However, the name Egon Schiele isn’t as well known with the general public. Klimt is the household name of this Viennese period. People are drawn to his use of gold and striking period pieces. In fact, there was a popular digital exhibition on his work in Paris this year. Back then, art… ...

Paris Salon de la Photo 2018

Paris Salon de la Photo

The summer season in Paris is full of great shows and artistic experiences. Parisian art lovers are treated to interesting showcases in top galleries, concerts in plazas and films in parks. Winter is when things start to unwind a little, but that doesn’t stop people from getting creative. There are lots of photographers that want to capture this season in the best way possible. That is where the Salon de la Photo show in Paris comes to the rescue.  This exposition runs for 5 days between Novemb… ...

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